Intended Use May 3, 2020
By using verifiable.vote, you agree to use it only as intended: to participate in votes that you have been invited to particpate in and to hold votes for parties you are well justified in believing wish to participate. Using verifiable.vote for any other purpose may constitute abuse. In extreme cases involving harassment, libel, attempts to inject malware, denial of service, or other unforeseen forms of misuse, verifiable.vote may permanently ban users from posting additional content or even pursue legal action.


Sole Ownership May 3, 2020
By using verifiable.vote, you agree that verifiable.vote is the sole owner of all content posted within. While verifiable.vote has every intention of limiting access to information about users and votes to the extent possible while providing our services, verifiable.vote retains the legal right to perpetually store such content and to make internal copies for purposes including but not limited to making backups and to increase service reliability and to use it as deemed necessary to extend site functionality in the future. In the event that you reach out to us to have your personal information deleted as may be your right per laws applicable in your jurisdiction, we reserve the right not to do so in the case that retention is deemed necessary due to a record of prior abuse or due to necessity of storing financial records associated with your account. Additionally, verifiable.vote is owned and operated by Mitchell Keith Bloch alone and does not represent views or opinions of any employers past, present, or future.


Termination May 3, 2020
By using verifiable.vote, you agree that verifiable.vote has the right to terminate accounts and services at will and without notice. verifiable.vote will do its best to provide refunds for services not yet rendered, but ballots that are closed or have been open for greater than 72 hours will be considered "services rendered." If you have a business need for guarantees regarding service availability for upcoming votes, please get in touch with business to discuss your needs.


Governing Law May 3, 2020
verifiable.vote is currently governed by the laws of San Franciso, California, and the United States of America. This may change in the future without notice due to reasons including but not limited to owners moving, infrastructure moving, and incorporation.


Severability May 3, 2020
In the event that some of the terms outlined here are found to be unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that will not render such terms unenforceable elsewhere and the remainder of the terms will still apply to the extent permitted by law.